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World's Ultimate Running Races

500 Races, 101 Counties. Choose your adventure. Complied by Angela Mudge

Reviewed by Edward Chapman

This book contains a great variety of races from short cross country events to mammoth ultra marathons. You can either dip into it from time to time and take potluck as to what you find or used the indexes. You can search by country or by category e.g. trail, road, track, snow, stair etc.

Each entry provides sufficient narrative description to give you a feel for the event and the statistics shown include location, distance, ascent, decent, terrain, climate and a little more. There are also details of the event website, if it has one.

My verdict. This is a serious bit of kit if you want to get out and about and do interesting and challenging things. 

You can buy it online or you can get it as an app from itunes.

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