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Running Beyond Limits


The adventures of an Ultra Marathon Runner..   By Andrew Murray


Reviewed by Edward Chapman


This book will not win any literary awards, but it doesn’t have to; it is a very good read. It is the story of Andrew’s amazing run from the north of Scotland to the Moroccan Sahara; a journey of 2659 miles to raise money for the Yamaa trust, a charity that helps people in the south Gobi region of Mongolia.


It is written with a light, friendly style and it takes you on Andrew’s journey at a gentle, but compelling pace. There are various excursions to the arctic, the Himalayas, the Gobi desert and a few other places which all seems quite natural. These are places where Andrew has taken part in races, several of which he has won.


The descriptions of the countryside and towns that he passes through are wonderful little paintings that make it feel as if you were there. The things he chooses to describe make the incredible journey seem quite normal. For example the chapter describing the start of this great adventure begins with “My Mum wished me luck, with a look that betrayed both pride and concern”.


I have had the good fortune to meet Andrew, and in fact get a brief mention in the book, and know he is a very amiable person, if a little eccentric. This comes across very strongly in the book and I know that as you read the book you will appreciate his warm and wacky nature as well as his serious and philosophical side. You will also become very well acquainted with his digestive problems.


Between the covers Andrew completes his mission, visits most of the globe, passes some medical examinations, arranges a wedding, or rather his fiancée does, passes on some of his medical knowledge and helps us understand why it is we run. There are also many stunning photographs.


This book will not disappoint.


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