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Run Like Hell

Matt Beardshall

Reviewed by Edward Chapman

This book surprised me. I had read Matt's previous book, Coast to Coast, and was expecting something similar. I got a lot more than I was expecting, yes the book is about running, but it is also an insight into how a family copes with fighting cancer.

The running parts are exquisite, the power of the descriptions means that you are actually there experiencing it. I was transported from sleepy Cornwall to a bustling hotel foyer in New York and then on to the streets. Later it was out onto the rain lashed moors.

The parts about Matt's wife fighting cancer made me feel humble and honoured to be allowed to intrude into this family's very personal moments.

This is very powerful and extraordinary writing, but somehow it is very ordinary. The training, fitting in runs in around work and family, getting it wrong in races, struggling against the elements and self-doubt are all normal things to me. What was extraordinary was that at the end of the book I cried; I don't do that very often and never when reading a book.

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