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 Life on the Run: Coast to Coast. By Matt Beardshall

Reviewed by Edward Chapman

This book will appeal to non-runners as well as runners. For most of the non-runners it will confirm their view that runners are a strange breed and should probably be locked away to save them from harming themselves. However, a few will be motivated by it and take up running or take on another challenge. In my view they are the lucky few.

Most runners will find the book disarmingly normal. It is written in a matter of fact way that assumes that it is perfectly reasonably for two guys to run 172.5 miles from Coast to Coast. They follow the route of a Wainwright Walk and are accompanied by a friend on a mountain bike.

It was a pleasant gentle read that kept me captivated. I was amazed at the detail the author remembered and further amazed that I was not bored by it; it is well written.

This is a book that should be on every runner's Christmas or birthday list and one that runners could give to their non-running friends and family.

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