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The Ed & Phil business sells products into running, outdoor and general sports shops and we wanted to avoid appearing to promote those products on this website, which aims to provide useful information to ultra runners and aspiring ultra runners. However many people have asked us to let them know what we wear and what equipment we use, so here it is.


Shoes are an incredibly individual thing; your choice depends on running style, biomechanical problems, or lack of, build, the type of running you do etc. Take advice from a good independent running shop and find out what works for you. If you have a good relationship with your local shop they will keep you up to date with the latest developments in shoe technology.


Both Ed and Phil are evangelical about socks; in an ultra good technical socks do make a difference. It amazing how many people spend a lot of money on shoes, kit and gels then wear cheap socks and wonder why they get bad blisters. You would not spend loads of money on a Ferrari then fit remoulds so why short change your feet?

Phil uses ToeToe running socks with Wigwam Trail Trax on top for long stuff, particularly in the cold and wet. Ed normally just wears Wigwam Trail Trax, but in desert conditions he will wear ToeToe liner socks with Wigwam Trail Trax on top. Seems counterintuitive, but they both wick well and keep the feet dry, which is important in multi-day desert races.


No particular favourites here, however we would recommend leggings on unfamiliar routes in case you encounter stinging nettles. When it's hot Ed wears X-bionic pants under his shorts; keeps things cool and stops chaffing.


No particular favourites here either. On long runs where weather can change technical tops are better than cotton t-shirts and merino stuff does prevent you from smelling rather unpleasant. If you are venturing into hot climates X-Bionic have some great gear. The Fennec tops are brilliant (but expensive), but we are not very keen on their socks.


We don't think you actually want something that is totally waterproof as it will not breathe and you get just as wet from the sweat you generate as you will do from rain. Something that is windproof, nearly waterproof and breathable is ideal. Ed and Phil both like the EDZ Epic jacket.

For a light weight windproof both use the EDZ Ultrashell.

EDZ's thermal layering range was tested by Ed and Phil in the Arctic during the 6633ultra.


Two recommendations:

A great 125 lumen torch at a reasonable price. Silverpoint Ranger WL.

More power and good battery life for difficult conditions LED Lenser H7.


Choice here depends on what sort of events you are doing and your personal preferences. Ed uses a Lowe Alpine pack he's had for ages and it has see action in the Marathon des Sables, the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (7 times) the 6633ultra, and numerous smaller events. He also uses a 5-litre Raidlight pack for day races where necessary.

For his multi-day race and a few others events Phil chose an Aarn Marathon 33 bodypack for its lightness.

We'll post more stuff here when we think of it. If you cannot find the gear in your local sports or outdoor shop some of it is in the Ed & Phil website shop.

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