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Feet in the Clouds

A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession – Richard Askwith 

Reviewed by Edward Chapman


If you are a runner this book is a must read. Fell-running is a very specialist sport which few of us will ever participate in but this book still has a wide appeal because it is essentially about people, their characters and their obsessions.  

The book is well written, with passion and with authority. Richard Askwith laced on his trainers and entered most of the races he describes. The framework for the book is the fell-running calendar and interwoven with this are details of Richard’s attempts to complete the Bob Graham Round.  

I found it absolutely fascinating to learn about a sport so full of history and drama that takes place not in some remote place but in the United Kingdom yet, until I read the book, I knew nothing about it. We learn about the events, the racers, the organisers, the history and the politics within this very specialist part of the wider sport of running. It came so very much alive and enticing that I was tempted to train for the Bob Graham round. Fortunately a moment of sanity and the threat of a divorce from my wife brought me to my senses. Fell-runners are a breed apart and I cannot hope to emulate their greatness. 

A great book well written, but it should have a health warning. “Getting hooked could seriously damage you.” 

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