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Fat Man to Green Man - from unfit to ultramarathon by Ira Rainey


We felt an immediate affinity with this book as we learnt all about the Green Man challenge when we delivered an off-road running seminar at the MOTI running and triathlon store in Bristol a few years ago. Phil is a Woodwose as he has completed the challenge and Ed, as many of you know, used to be a fat man and struggles to keep his weight down.


Here is Ed's review:-


This is a very honest book about training for a big challenge and it chronicles the ups and downs of Ira's progress towards his goal. It is written in a very readable style, with a gentle, self-deprecating sense of humour which draws you in and makes you want to read page after page without putting it down. There is a bit of science in there as well because Ira was tested at the Human Performance Centre in Bath. The initial results were not very flattering. I know how that feels, I had some tests once and they came back 'BMI results a lot higher than would be expected for an endurance athlete'. 

When I first flicked through the book I though the chapters that covered, in some detail, the training Ira completed each month would be tedious. I was wrong. When I sat down and read the book those were the sections I found the most absorbing.  

If you've trained for a big event you will find this book comfortingly familiar. If you haven't you will have a text book about what you will be going through if you take on a challenge.  

Like all good stories it has a twist in the tale. I can thoroughly recommend this book.

Here's the link to get a copy.

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