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Dare to Run by Amit Sheth
reviewed by Edward Chapman

I absolutely loved this book, which consists of a series of essays that chart, not necessarily in chronological order, Amit's journey from couch potato to Comrades Marathon runner. It is the same journey that I made some years ago and it is fascinating viewing it from a different cultural perspective; Amit was born and brought up in Mumbai. It is written in a very easy to read style that paints pictures as it flows along. Amit uses quotes extensively and selects them from a wide variety of times and places; Heraclitus, Shakespeare, from 'The Last Samurai' movie, from the South Africa song 'Shosholoza' and from the ancient Hindu texts.

I will quote from someone to recommend this book, Lisa Jackson - ultra runner.

"Read this book if you want to run - and think you can't.
Read this book if you already run and want to understand why.
Read this book if you want to take your running to the next level."

The book is published in Mumbai, India, but is written in English, and can be bought from Amazon. The link will take you directly to the correct page. If you have problems getting it from Amazon UK you can buy it from the USA site.

Amit has now become a great ambassador for running and acts as a pacer in the Mumbai marathon helping people finish in under 5 hours. This is what one of the Mumbai marathon runners said about him. 

"It was great to have met you yesterday, albeit briefly, and even greater to have run with you from 23k marker onwards. The walk breaks and the 'Another one bites the dust' shouts made me feel I was living the lines from your Dare to Run comrades experiences! Your book has been a strong motivator. I thank you."

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