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Running Through the Wall
Personal Encounters With the Ultramarathon. By Neal Jamison

Reviewed by Edward Chapman

A friend lent me this book saying “this is probably your sort of thing”. Having read the first two chapters I decided it was not for me and put it to one side. Later I read a good review of the book by Ben Scott on the website www.ultrarunner.co.uk. The review was good both in the way it was written and what it said about the book, but it did say you had to persevere past the first couple of chapters to get into it.

I started to read the book again and found it fascinating. It is a collection of personal accounts of races (mostly in the USA) that various ultra runners have taken part in. The accounts all have different styles, as do the races, so some will appeal to particular readers and some will not. What does come through in each account is the character of the runner and their reason for taking part in such challenging events.

If you are a distance runner this book will whet your appetite and get you wanting to get some serious miles in. But in the words of Benn Scott “This is not a book for people who show no interest in running a very long way. To such mortals this book will look like a collection of writings found cast from an asylum window.”

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