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Ed - Steady Eddie - based in Cornwall.


A big man with a big heart, late to running, but a passionate convert. Finds it hard to keep the weight down, but  mentally tough as nails - ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ was written for him! Not out to break world records but just keeps going, and going …… and going! (He’s a trained accountant, so he loves the big mile numbers.) Ed is always looking for the next running challenge, the more exotic the better, and he is committed to helping and encouraging runners to get ‘off road’.


Occasionally dabbles in adventure races and triathlons - a Level One Triathlon Coach



Phil - ‘pb’ Howells - based in Herefordshire.


An enthusiastic ‘Peter Pan’; older than he looks! He was an experienced runner in his younger days, but now making a comeback, an athletic renaissance man, now fitter, leaner and more dedicated than ever before. Still targeting to better the personal bests (pbs) of his youth, but his long term aim is lifestyle fitness and energy; he is grittily ‘determined’. (it’s his middle name!). ‘pb’ is keen to help others achieve performances and experiences they currently only dream of.


Also a keen cyclist, trialthlon newbie and a Level Two Athletics coach.


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